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5 Crucial Trends to Follow in 2018

1. Mobile Phones will Last For a Long Time

Every one of us uses a mobile phone in our day to day life. So, it is quite crucial to make our websites mobile friendly for anyone to access it. Google prioritizes websites that are compatible with both mobile and desktop interfaces.

2. Users Need to Have a Good Experience

Users are accessing websites more than ever before. They need to have sites that can be easily accessed and has a good User Interface (UX). It makes them have an easy way through the website and also they get encouraged to use the site. So, website owners should pay attention to the user experience and their ease of using it on all devices.

3. Read about A.M.P

AMP is an open source initiative from Google that allows anyone to access original mobile content in an instant. It is a time saver for both the site owner and also the users. People who do not know about it should definitely give it a read.

4. Have the Local Search Option

Ignoring Local Search may make your business invisible to the internet users. It helps their search for your business in the real-life world. So, it is quite crucial to set up the local search just like several others are doing every year.

5. Base Yourself More on Quality rather than Quantity

Getting a good rating from the search engines are quite crucial. But no one should sabotage the content quality just because of that. SEO and Keywords are definitely important but so are the quality and originality of content. So, keep that in mind as Google is devaluing sites with bad content.

5 SEO trends